Oh, My! Your Grace!

I am usually the person who likes to read a book or book series before I watch the show or movie. In my opinion, the written version is much better, and I love the added details often left out because of timing or budgeting restraints. However, I do very much enjoy seeing beloved characters and plots come to life on screen. It gives me great pleasure to put faces with the characters and see how closely they coincide with the vision I created in my own imagination.

Now, there is this show Bridgerton on Netflix. It is based upon a series of books written by Julia Quinn. The first season focuses on the book, The Duke and I, and follows the relationship of Simon, The Duke of Hastings, and Daphne Bridgerton, as they navigate the complicated society and marriage market of 1813.

I’ve not read The Duke and I. Yet… I have every plan to do so. Posthaste, if you will! However, Bridgerton, the show, has quickly become one of my all time favorites.

The show has been brought to life by producer Shonda Rhimes. Her name may sound familiar to a lot of you. She created, wrote, and produced one of the longest running and most popular medical dramas on television: Grey’s Anatomy. She is also well known for it’s spin-off, Private Practice, and the political series, Scandal.

I haven’t seen one episode of any of the above named shows. I don’t know why. They just weren’t my thing. Bridgerton is another thing all together.

I cannot rave enough about this show. Besides everyone looking incredible in their costumes, the sets being absolutely beautiful, and the wonderful racial diversity, the main thing that draws me into watching it one more time is His Grace, The Duke of Hastings.

Be still, my heart! Has there ever been such a man? So noble. So beautiful and yet so tortured. Misunderstood, but so good underneath it all. And dear God, Rege-Jean Page is an absolutely flawless specimen of male human being! You know when they describe people as having a smoldering gaze? This man. He definitely can start fires with a look!

Okay. I will stop gushing. Even though, I can’t help it. I have a major crush on this fictional character. Look out Damon Salvatore! You have some competition! (If you don’t know who Damon Salvatore is I will be writing about him at another time. Stay tuned!)

I want to mention what I feel was something so cool and unique. It surprised me and I absolutely loved it! THE SOUNDTRACK! The music is beautiful! Popular tunes are playing at balls with classical instruments and it is absolute perfection! I will admit I now have the version of “Thank U, Next” from the soundtrack as my ringtone!

More about Bridgerton itself…

This show is full of twists and turns. It is narrated by the mysterious Lady Whistledown, who gave me 19th century Gossip Girl vibes. There is a conspiracy about who she actually is and an investigation to expose her. When the identity of Lady Whisledown was revealed, not to the show’s characters but to the viewers, it was who I had suspected. I hoped it would go in another direction with the mysterious gossip writer, but I was not disappointed because I was happy this particular character was stronger than one would originally have guessed.

Also, there is the backstory of Simon, who is just stepping into his role as The Duke of Hastings at the beginning of the show. It is sad. It will rip your heart out and piss you off at the same time. I felt for him. Truly. I know it was fictional, but I am aware of people in life who have been treated so poorly when all they want is the love and approval of their family. Because of his mistreatment, it set the course for how he dealt with many relationships. Including his relationship with Daphne Bridgerton.

This is where things may get a little controversial. If you don’t agree with me, I am perfectly okay with it. I am not quite sure if I like Daphne or not. After I read the book, I may change my mind, but her actions in the show, without giving too much away, were a bit selfish and at one point, extremely over the line. She was completely disrespectful of her husband and his wishes without understanding his reasons. She ultimately did something I found appalling. And she did it after insisting they marry and accepting his terms of marriage. Until that point they were happy. Thus, we have the dramatic plot twist that drives the wedge between the star crossed lovers.

Speaking of lovers… There is a lot of sex in this show. A lot. It’s pretty hot and it’s not a show I would watch with younger kids. Trust me on this one. Even in the first few scenes, you will have some explaining to do. It’s not raunchy sex. Or vulgar and distasteful. And it’s not there just for the sake of having a graphic sex scene thrown in. It flows with the plot. However, its just not something I would let the little ones take in unless you want to tell them exactly where babies come from!

There are so many characters in this show. Some you will love. Some you will despise. Some you will pity. But it is a show everyone can enjoy. I think it is beautifully done. Obviously, I do, because I have watched it about five or six times all the way through now and eagerly await the next season!

Until then, I will be reading the Bridgerton series and dreaming of the Duke of Hastings…

You can watch Bridgerton on Netflix and the Bridgerton books are available on Amazon.

This post is not sponsored in any way. These are my own thoughts about a show I enjoyed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more! Leave a comment and let me know if you have seen Bridgerton or read any of the series of books based on the Bridgerton family…

Until next time, as always, peace, love, and butterflies! ☮️ ❤️🦋

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